How you think can affect you on the job and at home

October 11, 2013 Denise Pinkney

More than 250 people throughout the state attended the Healthy North Dakota Worksite Wellness Summit at the Holiday Inn in Fargo on Oct. 8 with the hopes of learning about how to start or improve a worksite wellness program. And they did not go home disappointed.

Summit attendees in a game of Simon
Scott Shickler tests attendees' ability to think in a game of Simon Says.

One of three keynote speakers, Scott Shickler, told attendees about the importance of right thinking.  He is CEO and founder of Excent Corporation and the co-author of The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life.

"Research shows that most adults are struggling with happiness and living to their potential," Shickler said. "Fifty percent dislike their jobs. No wonder companies struggle with employee retention, job safety, rising health care costs, customer satisfaction and a struggling bottom line."

He said it is a mindset — not a skill set — that can solve those problems. His company researched the traits of successful people, spending thousands of hours of research, conducting 400 interviews and deconstructing more than 100 books. They discovered that success was not dependent on a person's gender, education or childhood. What mattered was their thinking, or mindset, which was opposite of how most people think.

The 7 Mindsets at work are:

  1. Everything is possible
  2. Passion first
  3. We are connected
  4. 100% accountability
  5. Attitude of gratitude
  6. Live to give
  7. The time is now

Happy employees lead to greater productivity, Shickler said. Research reveals that businesses that have greater employee satisfaction also have 86 percent higher customer ratings, 78 percent better safety records, 76 percent more success in lowering turnover and 44 percent higher profitability.

"To have change, you need to share information and speak a common language," Shickler said. "Companies must embrace vulnerability and admit that employees may not be as happy as they think and allow for a culture that is open to discuss wellness strategy that encourages employees to take more chances and be more innovative."

Shickler said employees can apply the 7 Mindsets at work and at home. He offers free quotes of the day on Facebook at and a weekly inspirational story on his blog at