MediQHome – getting results

May 14, 2012 Ryan Schuster

Going to the doctor can be scary and confusing, especially if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. While it's impossible to take all the fear out of going to the doctor or the hospital, having an advocate who knows you and your medical history recommending the best course of action and explaining the process to you is a good start. That personal touch and attention to the doctor-patient relationship is behind Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota's MediQHome program.

MediQHome puts primary care physicians at the center of an effort to care for those with chronic conditions. The program combines the latest technology, allowing caregivers to securely share patient data, avoid duplicated care and ensure the patient gets the right preventive care to help manage their condition. But the real key is the personal attention provided by doctors who serve as "medical homes" for patients, coordinating care and checking to ensure early preventive care and timely checkups.

MediQHome screen

More than 70 percent of North Dakota health care providers and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota members are enrolled in the free program. While MediQHome wasn't launched statewide until 2009, it has already demonstrated impressive results. Emergency room use by MediQHome patients is 30 percent lower than among BCBSND members with the same chronic conditions who are not part of the program. MediQHome has also led to lower hospital admission rates, better blood pressure control and lower cholesterol levels among patients.