‘Queens of Colonoscopy' creating buzz

May 9, 2012 Ryan Schuster

Colonoscopies aren't exactly fun, but Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota's creative new ‘Queens of Colonoscopy' ad campaign is attracting attention and getting people talking.

The ‘Queens of Colonoscopy' told WDAY's Kevin Wallevand that the humerous TV ad is making it easier to talk to patients about the importance of colonoscopies and is leading to discussions about Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota's MediQHome program.

WDAY News still

WDAY TV reports that the TV ad, which was produced by Flint Communications along with print ads in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, is "the talk of the town" in tiny Lisbon, N.D. where it was filmed with four employees of the Family Medical Clinic. Watch the Queens of Colonoscopy TV ad.

What do you think of the ads? Have you heard of the MediQHome program?