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Upper body stretches you can do at your desk

July 24, 2015 Ryan Schuster

Sitting too much can be hazardous to your health. Some have even compared the health impacts of sitting for long periods of time to smoking.

Unless you have a newfangled treadmill desk or have converted your workspace into a standing desk, you likely are required to sit at a desk for hours a day.

But just because you work at a desk, doesn't mean you can't move around during the day, or get up and stretch a little.

Here are some quick microburst videos showing how you can stretch different parts of your body during short breaks at your desk. Most of these videos are between 30 and 45 seconds long. The complete 10-video playlist is available on our YouTube channel.

Here are some upper body stretches you can do at your desk:

Neck stretches

Upper back stretch

Chest stretch

Wrist stretches

You can also stretch out your legs and do some upper body exercises while seated.

Here are some more deskercises, or exercises you can do at your desk.