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Health plan personal shopper

January 16, 2017 Andrea Dinneen

Health insurance agents are like personal shoppers. They are trained to advise and guide you through all the considerations when selecting a health plan. Agents are licensed by the state, but they also buy insurance for themselves, so they can relate to your needs and concerns. Here are a few reasons why you should consult with a BCBSND independent insurance agent:

It's free
Your health insurance will cost the same whether or not you work with an agent. So take advantage of the free education and advice.

Insurance agents work for you. Having a relationship with an agent allows them to assist with questions and access to BCBSND resources designed to help you through a health crisis. With these dedicated resources at BCBSND, an agent can help manage insurance details if you or a family member experiences a health crisis, so you can focus on getting better.

Enrollment assistance
Insurance agents can help you evaluate health plans based on your financial and health needs. They will advise if you are eligible for tax credits, help you apply through the federal health insurance marketplace or assist with purchasing a BCBSND health plan.

Insurance agents are trained in every aspect of the insurance industry, including how to explain these complexities to you. Take advantage of their information to learn about insurance and how to make it work for you.

Navigating change
If you experience a major life change outside of the annual open enrollment period, your agent can help. They can assess your new financial or health needs and assist with the special enrollment period application process.

Where to find an agent
There is a large network of independent agents who sell BCBSND health coverage. To contact a local agent, access our easy-to-use agent finder tool.