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Easily manage your health plan online

March 22, 2017 Rhonda Ubben

Why manage online?
We're all busy, and sometimes trying to fit things into business hours just doesn't work. That's why BCBSND offers the option to view and manage your health plan online so you get:
  • Information you need when it's convenient for you
  • Secure access to your health coverage
  • Up-to-date information
  • Savings on time and paper
  • Quick and easy options to view health plan details
What you can access
By accessing your health plan information online, you gain 24/7 secure access to a variety of services. You can:
  • View pending/paid claims
  • Print your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Request new insurance cards
  • Check your progress towards your deductible
  • Update your address or personal information 
Additional benefits
There are plenty of services you can request directly online as well. In addition to options to help improve your health and finances, you can avoid filling out forms and waiting for the mail with the following online member services:
Find a Doctor – search for doctors, medical providers, and hospitals or clinics that are covered under your health plan to save money.
Review Doctors – let others know about your experience with medical providers, and make informed decisions about your own health care.
Request Proof of Coverage – if you need to show that you, a spouse or dependents are covered on your insurance, you can quickly print the information.
Grant Authorization – sometimes you need another person, like your spouse, to have access to your insurance information or manage health information. This allows another person to act on your behalf with your health coverage.
Review Prescription Coverage – some medications have less expensive alternatives or can be delivered by mail for added convenience. You can check your prescriptions and sign up for delivery through this online portal to seamlessly tie into your health plan coverage.
Track Wellness Goals – also, some BCBSND health plans are eligible for HealthyBlue. This is an online health tracker with a free health assessment which creates health, nutrition and fitness goals for a personalized health plan to help you achieve greater levels of wellness.
Going paperless
You can also make the choice to go paperless and remove some clutter from your life. The biggest benefit to you is on the Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms. BCBSND is required by law to send out EOBs every time you use your health coverage, unless you request to receive them via email.
Last year, BCBSND sent EOBs that, if stacked, would be as tall as 17 Statues of Liberty. Obviously, reducing this amount of paper and postage benefits BCBSND, but it benefits our members as well. In addition to reducing your clutter, reducing this amount of paper allows BCBSND to lower operating costs and pass along savings to our members by reducing the cost of health care coverage.
Additional resources
Want to manage your health coverage online and go paperless? Sign up for Member Services online
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