Product Info & Rates

Product brochures for all BCBSND individual and family health plans are listed below. You are encouraged to use these to assist your customers in deciding which product will best suit their health coverage needs.

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Health Plan Products:

BlueCare »
BlueCare is a classic, comprehensive health insurance plan for families and individuals who want more predictable health care costs.
Download BlueCare Product Brochure

BlueDirect »
BlueDirect is a consumer-directed health plan for families and individuals who want to manage day-to-day medical expenses and pay lower premiums in return. This plan can be used with a health savings account (HSA).
Download BlueDirect Product Brochure

SimplyBlue »
SimplyBlue is a budget-friendly plan, ideal for North Dakotans who stay close to home for their care.
Download SimplyBlue Product Brochure

BlueEssential »
A high-deductible health insurance plan that protects individuals from financial ruin if a serious accident or illness occurs. BlueEssential is only available to individuals under age 30.
Download BlueEssential Product Brochure

Wellness & Care Programs:

BlueElements »
BlueElements is our platform of six connected dimensions for well-being. We have designed health and wellness programs by working with our communities and members to bring these elements into sync for a fuller, richer and more intentional life.
Download BlueElements Product Brochure