Fourth Quarter 2017 Monthly Wellness Topics

October: Breast Cancer Awareness
We continue to beat breast cancer in terms of early detection and effective treatments. Materials will provide updated guidelines on screenings, treatment options and other developments. This edition of materials is also an ideal time to emphasize the importance of a close PCP relationship, since screening guidelines can change and are affected by individual factors.
November: American Diabetes Awareness Month: Family mealtimes
When is the last time you sat down to eat as a family?  Rounding up the family for dinnertime is almost impossible but research shows that eating as a family has great benefits for you and your children. Research spells out the health and mental advantages of regular family mealtimes, including proven tips to wrangle the family together for a home meal.
December: Go Green for the Holidays
The holidays can be a costly time of year for our environment, too. Materials include guidance on how to use be "greener" with wrapping paper, ornaments, cards and gifts during the holiday season.  With a few tips, we can reduce the environmental impact on the holiday season.