Third Quarter 2017 Monthly Wellness Topics

July: Brain Health (101 brain boosters)
According to Dr. Terry Eckmann, brain-boosting activities, along with key lifestyle choices and effective learning principles, play a major role in maximizing brain health and boosting memory throughout an individual's lifetime. Materials will provide actual brain boosters and attribution to Dr. Eckmann's book, 101 Brain Boosters.

August: Immunization Awareness
The best defense? In some cases, it's defense, as in immunizations that protect us throughout our lives. Materials will provide guidance on which recommended immunizations for every stage of life, with an emphasis on the importance of primary care providers.

September: National Yoga Month
As summer eases to fall, it's an ideal time to try or enhance a yoga practice. Materials will share the health benefits of yoga, including physical and emotional, and offer guidance and resources on how to get involved and even how to incorporate yoga at work.