2014 Monthly Wellness Topics

January 2014
Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical cancer was once one of the most common causes of cancer death for American women. Now, more women are preventing cervical cancer and fewer are dying from the disease thanks to new methods of prevention and treatment. Find out who is at risk for the disease and what's new in prevention and treatment.

February 2014
Heart Health

More than half of heart disease is preventable, and studies have shown that 90% of heart attacks in women can be prevented. And in most cases, that doesn't require a major life overhaul. Even small, steady changes can lead to a stronger, more efficient ticker. The series offer five easy things you can incorporate into your life, beginning today.

March 2014
Colorectal Cancer Awareness

No one wants to receive a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, so how do you avoid it? Start with what you put on your plate. Research shows a fiber rich diet is an important part of colon and rectal cancer prevention. Find surprising and delicious ways you can incorporate fiber in your diet without having to eat cardboard. Also, get a few tips on other means of prevention, including screening tests that could save you from ever hearing the words, "You have colorectal cancer."

April 2014
Alcohol Awareness

You wouldn't think of going to a friend's home for dinner and gobbling half a chocolate cake. It would be rude, unhealthy and it would harm your reputation. Now replace the chocolate cake scenario with alcoholic beverages. There's nothing good that comes from overindulging on alcohol. Use these tips and guidelines to enjoy responsible, no-regrets consumption of alcoholic beverages.

May 2014
Physical Activity

What if there was a magic pill you could take to melt away body fat, get better sleep—one that protects you from cancer, heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis and other disease. What if that pill also reduced stress and symptoms of depression?

The pill exists. It's not a capsule or a liquid or an injection—it's physical activity. Find out how much physical activity you need to in order to see health benefits. Get tips to incorporate activity into to your daily routine and to stick with it, long term.

June 2014
Preventive Health

Health is more than the absence of disease. Somewhere along the line, we became a society that uses health care primarily to treat disease rather than to maintain health. Find out how to use your health plan to help you live the best life possible.

July 2014
Sun Safety

It's true, sun is a good source of vitamin D.  It's also true that too much sun is dangerous. Even though we know the dangers, skin cancer in the US has been climbing steadily.

This set of materials takes a "myth busters" approach aimed at sorting through conflicting information to present the facts and latest statistics regarding sun exposure, sunscreen, its use and effectiveness. Some examples: Is sunscreen good after a year? Do you have to use it if you already have a tan? Or when it's cloudy? Do you have to reapply sunscreen if it says "all day protection" or "waterproof"?

August 2014
Immunization Awareness

Every year, more than 50,000 adults die from vaccine-preventable illnesses and millions more get sick or are hospitalized, costing society tens of billions of dollars.

Vaccinations are as important for adults as they are for kids. They protect us from preventable diseases at every stage of life – from the time we are born throughout our lives. And diseases we tend to think are long gone, are still circulating today, some of them are even on the rise.

These materials will focus on adults. Which vaccines should they consider getting updated? Which are annual? What new vaccines are available?

September 2014
Cholesterol Management

What are your cholesterol numbers? Most people don't even know. Yet these numbers are key to your heart health and potential for stroke. This set of materials discusses how to avoid high cholesterol in the first place and the options you have if you learn your numbers are high, options such as lifestyle changes, diet and medication categories.

October 2014
Breast Cancer Awareness

What's the latest on breast cancer prevention, screening and treatment? When are you supposed to start? How often? Do women need a mammogram every year or every other? Are self-exams a thing of the past? Get the latest guidelines and find the motivation you need to keep on pace with current recommendations. Prevention, detection and survival of breast cancer is getting better and better, especially when women are diligent in screenings. Learn how to take precautions that will help you or a loved one stay breast cancer-free.

November 2014
Men's Mental Health

Mental health is finally getting some recognition in its contribution to overall health. However, much of the attention is focused on women. Because there's more of a perceived stigma with men seeking care, men's mental health issues have become a silent crisis that's affect millions.

This set of materials exposes mental health issues, symptoms  and treatment specific to men. Stress, anxiety, depression and panic disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

December 2014
Healthy Holidays

Good health may be the best gift of all this busy holiday season. Keeping yourself healthy doesn't mean sucking all the joy out of the season. This set of materials offers 10 simple things you can do to be intentional about staying healthy over this busy time of year.