Have an Employee Expecting?
Take Advantage of Prenatal Plus

There's no such thing as too much support during a pregnancy, which is why BCBSND offers extra tools through the Prenatal Plus program.

When employees enroll in the Prenatal Plus program they'll receive:

  • Prenatal care advice
  • Guidelines for alcohol and pregnancy
  • Help in preventing preterm labor
  • Information on taking folic acid
  • Help to quit smoking during pregnancy
  • A checklist of what to take to the hospital
  • Information about caring for a newborn
How do Employees Sign Up?
Advise employees to call after their first prenatal doctor visit. Call 800-342-4718 
What if an Employee has a High-Risk Pregnancy?
If an employee is identified as being at increased risk for delivering a premature or low birth-weight baby, they'll receive one-on-one help from a BCBSND case manager to navigate the health care system and increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy.
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My last-minute training for the BCBSND 5K

I have been thinking about starting to run again for some time now. There is often a big difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it (when I was a kid I thought about becoming a pro athlete, but that never quite materialized). After months of procrastinating, I finally got off the couch last weekend and started running again.