Worksite Wellness Summit 2016

7th Annual
Worksite Wellness Summit
Monday, Oct 17th 2016 • Fargo
7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Improve Employee Health  •  Decrease Health Care Costs  •  Increase Productivity and Morale
Research shows you can expect those results from a worksite wellness program 
Attend the summit to get the information, tools and motivation you need to build or strengthen a culture of wellness in your organization. 
Reserve your spot today—space is limited.

Plan to attend if you are:

  • An H.R. professional
  • A manager/owner of a business of any size
  • Concerned about employee health and well-being
  • A health care professional
  • Working in wellness or health promotion
  • Interested in worksite wellness programs

From the Main Stage:

Dee Edington

Dee Edington, Ph.D.

A Win-Win Philosophy for Organizational Health
Hear from author and speaker Dee Edington about the relationships between a supportive and high performing workplace and its workforce. The information will help you create an environment that benefits both individuals and organizations. Dee will cover:

Zero Trends: Help the low-risk stay low-risk
Awakening: Awaken employees and employers to their full human and organizational potential
Shared Values-Shared Results: Drive everyone to the same page
Positive Individual and Organizational Health: lead for a win-win philosophy
Measure and Communicate What Matters: Drive and sustain a win-win philosophy

Terry Ferebee Eckmann, Ph.D.

Terry Ferebee Eckmann, Ph.D.

Healthy Aging Survival Kit
Embrace the many demands and challenges of your personal and professional life with a perspective that can enhance your working environment and your personal life. Survive the ups and downs of your world with tools and strategies that can make every day a great day. Terry will share thoughts and action plans that can make a difference in making your life journey both happy and healthy. This session is "you time." A humorous and thoughtful presentation based on a foundation of health and happiness research.



Breakout Sessions

A Growing Health System's Story of Wellness

Eventide Wellness Committee

Eventide began its wellness journey in 2012 by including a wellness goal in its formal strategic planning process. Even with the challenges of rapid organizational growth (resulting in 6 campuses and 1,200 employees), wellness efforts have garnered some amazing results. The cross-campus wellness team will share examples and hurdles overcome and inspire you with their wellness dreams for the future.

Infusing Your Workplace with Mental Well-being and Resiliency

Rory Beil
ReThink Mental Health Community Initiative

Your workplace impacts your mental health and well-being. Upon that foundation, Rory will direct you in creating a compassionate workplace environment that:

  • Understands the interconnectedness of adverse life experiences
  • Appreciates connections between physical and mental health
  • Supports the development of resiliency-building skills

The Hidden Key to Wellness Success

Robert MacPhee
Heart Set, Inc.

Your mindset literally determines your results when you decide it's time to get healthy and fit. Generally, everybody knows how to stay healthy, but most fail to act upon what they know. Learn how to help people get out of their comfort zones and succeed. Get the simple keys to effectively change peoples' health and fitness approach for better and lasting results—and to get those results more quickly and easily.

Creating a Culture of Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Joan Enderle, MBA, RDN, LRD
American Heart Association

How can you create an environment where the healthy food choice is the first choice? Get practical, actionable suggestions that are easy to understand and apply within your workplace. Hear from organizations that have taken steps to foster healthier choices and behaviors.

Driving Behavior Change through Motivational Interviewing

Tracy Mohn, LICSW & Pat Spier, RN-BC, PCMH, CCE

Have you ever tried to change someone's behavior? Asking the right questions and reframing the discussion is helpful. Become acquainted with motivational interviewing, a technique that helps to help have more impactful discussions.

Essential Elements to Start a Wellness Program

Tara Roberts

Sometimes the most challenging part of launching a wellness program is simply getting started. Come learn the essential elements to get your program off on the right foot. You'll get examples of ideas you can implement immediately. This will be familiar information to those of you who have attended Gearing Up training.

Conference Pricing

Conference sponsors allow us to keep the cost at a fraction of the summit value.

  • Professionals $85 ($70 if you register before 9/17)
  • Student $40

Includes registration, lunch, snacks and vendor fair

Conference Location

Holiday Inn
803 13th Avenue South, Fargo, ND 58103

Mention the Worksite Wellness Summit for a reduced hotel room rate.


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