Why Worksite Wellness

Improve the health of your employees.
Improve your bottom line.

There's good news amidst the dismal reports about the state of American health and its cost to employers. When you make the commitment to create a culture of wellness in your workplace, you may notice that:

  • Employee productivity rises
  • Absenteeism drops
  • Morale improves
  • Medical costs decrease
  • You become an employer of choice


Increasing health care costs, rising obesity rates, poor nutrition habits and decreasing physical activity levels are costing employers a bundle.

The costs to North Dakota

  • The Milken Foundation estimates a $2.1 billion loss annually in North Dakota due to lost workdays and decreased productivity.
  • Modifiable lifestyle choices cost North Dakota more than $550 million annually in medical expenditures.
  • More than 67% of our residents are overweight or obese.
  • Physically active people in North Dakota can save up to $500 per year in medical costs.
  • Nearly 75% do not get regular daily exercise.
  • According to an East Carolina University health calculation tool, the results of physical inactivity alone in North Dakota are staggering.
Physical inactivity is costing North Dakota $990,448,191
Medical care costs $136,902,191
Workers' comp costs $2,128,435
Lost productivity $841,418,191

If 5% of North Dakotans became more physically active, it could save an estimated $49,022,441

The costs to your organization

  • At least 50% of an organization's health care costs are driven by modifiable lifestyle-related behaviors such as smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.
  • Estimated costs associated with lifestyle risk factors incurred by employees with risk factors including smoking, poor diet, high blood pressure and obesity:
No Risks $3,094
1 Risk $4,415
2 Risks $5,286
3 Risks $6,275
4 Risks $7,405

Reverse the trends with a worksite wellness program.