Frequently Asked Questions

Why would BCBSND pay for this service for its members?
We know that improving quality and service leads to better outcomes. The program's services have been shown to improve the health of its members.

Will a member's benefits change?
No. This program does not affect a member's benefits.

How are members selected to participate in this program?
Members are identified in three ways: through claims analysis, case management, and physician/provider referrals.

If members are enrolled in this program, can they still see their own doctors?
Yes. The program does not replace care members receive from their health care providers. The AccordantCare team will work with the existing team of doctors and other health care providers to ensure members receive the best care possible.

Does the member have to participate?
Participation is voluntary. Members may participate as little or as much as they likeā€”it is completely up to them. The program offers a variety of service options to meet the needs of all its members.

Why does this program manage these 16 diseases? Why not others?
BCBSND works collaboratively with Accordant Health Services to provide the disease management program. The specific diseases have been shown to respond to self-management techniques offered in the program.

How do I contact the Chronic Disease Management Program?
Contact or log in to Accordant Health Services for a copy of the Clinical Practice Guidelines which give more information about the diseases covered in the program.

How are referrals made to the program?
Providers can refer a member by contacting Accordant Health Services directly. The program case workers will verify eligibility.