BCBSND ICD-10 Testing Process

Testing Open Through August 31, 2015

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) ICD-10 testing process has been updated to utilize the EDISS Connect platform. All test files should now be run through EDISS Connect to allow for full end-to-end testing. Functionality such as file status, 999 reports and 277CA reports are available to view through this updated process. 

ICD-10 Testing Process

1. The testing provider should create a test file with claims that meet the following criteria: 
a. Use 2014 or 2015 date of service claims.
b. ICD-9 paid claims recoded to ICD-10.
c. Do not include BlueCard, FEP, Medicare Crossover or other secondary claims.
d. Include at least 20 claims in test file.
2. Send the test file to EDI using EDISS Connect at Home - EDISS Connect
a. Ensure that a "T" test indicator is present in the ISA15 element of the test file.
b. Files can be loaded under "Manage Transactions."
1. 837I (5010X223) use the "Upload another file >" for Institutional claim files.
2. 837P (5010X222) use the "Upload another file >" for Professional claim files.
c. File status, 999, Analysis Report and 277CA Reports can be viewed by clicking the "View Testing History" link.
3. Notify Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota that a test file was submitted by sending an email to ICD10@bcbsnd.com. In your email be sure to indicate:
  • date sent
  • file name
  • professional or institutional file
4. BCBSND will retrieve the file and run it through the review process.

5. Results will be provided back in one of two forms: 

  • Spreadsheet detailing the final status of each claim.
  • A 835 Electronic Remittance File will be available only when requested (only available to providers currently set up for electronic remittance advices.)

1) 835 Electronic Remittance Files will be delivered to production with a "T" test indicator.