About MDinsight®

MDinsight® is both a technology platform and an information portal that serves as the technological backbone to our PCMH program. It can be used by any caregiver, regardless of your current IT system. 

Technology platform—allows disparate legacy systems to communicate with one another.

Information portal—for clinicians to collect and view important patient data, regardless of internal systems.

  • Enables decision making at point of care
  • Patient information includes data that is automatically extracted data from EMR and other data systems
  • As an integrated decision support tool, it allows clinicians from individual medical homes to communicate with one another, creating a medical neighborhood

All MediQHome/MDinsight IT security practices surpass HIPAA standards.

MDinsight Enables a PCMH Approach
MDinsight provides physicians with care opportunities derived from evidence-based standards, and monitors patient outcomes so that care processes can be continually improved.

The patient-centered medical home approach to care is possible with MDinsight's:

  • Online access to integrated patient data across provider settings, including hospitals, primary care and specialist practices
  • Complete data collection from lab, practice management, EMR and registry systems, as well as transcribed notes
  • Evidence-based decision support
  • Care opportunities for wellness screenings and chronic patients that are out of compliance
  • Analysis of evidence-based outcomes
  • Prompts and reminders at point of care

See why MDinsight is an industry leader.

Symphony Performance Health is an independent company assisting in the administration of BCBSND's health and wellness, and care and disease management programs. MDinsight® is a software tool provided by Symphony Performance Health.

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