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MDinsight® organizes data from all sources into a dashboard from which you can draw the following reports:

  • Patient Care Summary (PCS)—includes medications, diagnosis and procedure history, clinical values for each clinical condition in MDinsight, exclusion history and clinical data-entry history
  • Clinical Trends—shows patient's progress in each clinical measure over time
  • Patient Care Opportunity Report—displays all process measures and clinical results outside the relevant performance range
  • Physician Report—displays patient attribution by physician, clinical condition and patient disposition
  • Patient Participating Report—identifies subpopulations within the practice population that have specific clinical conditions
  • Goal Progress Report—displays individual measures tracked for the purpose of the MediQHome quality program and shows the individual physician's performance toward each goal
  • Comparison Report—allows for an aggregate view of each physician's Goal Progress Report for a defined clinic group
  • Custom Report—allows physicians to request and view ad-hoc reports on their patient population (available directly from MDdatacor)

Symphony Performance Health is an independent company assisting in the administration of BCBSND's health and wellness, and care and disease management programs. MDinsight® is a software tool provided by Symphony Performance Health.

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