A message to our community partners and grantees:

As we all work to prepare and respond to the evolving uncertainty around COVID-19 we recognize the gravity of this situation for grantees, for the communities you serve, and for each of you as individuals. While the immediate challenges are growing and the long-term impacts unclear, we are committed to helping you as you seek to continue your work and serve your communities.

For those of you who are working to provide direct support within your communities, BCBSND Caring Foundation is considering ways that we can broaden our support for our grantees, as well as other organizations across the state as they respond to the immediate needs as follows: 

  • If you currently have a project grant, please know that we are flexible. You may need to reallocate time and resources away from the work you are currently doing with our grant funds to respond to emerging community or organizational needs. This may be as simple as reallocating a budget item to more directly support communities you serve through meal delivery, support services, etc. To that end, please send a brief email outlining the budget adjustments you'd like to make, and we can handle the administrative processing from there.
  • We are also accepting new applications from nonprofits and community organizations who are seeking to respond to immediate and urgent needs.  We welcome your input on what this might mean for your organization - what impacts you are anticipating and what type of support you may need. You can reach us through email at caringfoundation@bcbsnd.com or simply fill out and submit an application.

Be well,

BCBSND Caring Foundation staff