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Network Provider Directory

This directory contains information about doctors and other medical professionals within a selected network. In these listings, you can find providers taking part in the MediQHome program, marked with an icon that looks like this: MediQHome program

What is MediQHome?

The dental and eye care professionals included in this list are participating health care providers with BCBSND. This list does not include providers participating with the Dental Service Corporation or Vision Services Incorporated. For lists of participating dental and eye care providers, please call 800.342.4718.


Remember to verify program participation with the provider you select. You may also call the Member Services number on your ID card.

General Tip

  • Search results are limited to a maximum of 200 matches. Twenty providers are displayed per page. If your search finds more than 200 providers, you will need to narrow your search.
  • Search results are displayed in ascending order by Provider Name.
  • The more fields you complete, the more accurate your search will be.

Health Care Network Tip

  • Health Plan and Network Affiliation are required fields.
  • If no options are listed in the Network Affiliation drop down box, be sure you have selected a Health Plan. Available Network Affiliation options are based on the Health Plan selected.

Provider Name Tip

  • The Provider Name field allows you to search by provider name. The search will look for the given text anywhere within the field. For example, if you search for "john," results could include "Johnson, George."