BCBSND Caring Foundation funds Rural Food Access Pilot Project in Walsh County

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota’s (BCBSND) Caring Foundation recently partnered with the North Dakota Rural Electric Cooperative Foundation. Their goal? Bring Walsh County better access to healthy foods. This initiative is called the Rural Access Distribution Cooperative.

Meeting their goal
To meet this goal, the Rural Access Distribution Cooperative scheduled more food deliveries in the county. They also set up climate-controlled grocery locker systems in the towns of Fortville and Adams. These systems will give Walsh County safe access to local products. Community members can simply order ahead of time online.

Increased access
What you eat affects your health and well-being. This is true for the North Dakotans of Walsh County. “Individuals who live in remote or less populated areas are at higher risk for health issues,” said North Dakota Rural Electric Cooperative Foundation Development Director Lori Capouch. 

BCBSND Caring Foundation Executive Director Pam Gulleson stated, “BCBSND Caring Foundation is excited to be part of the Walsh County Food Hub. It’s a creative approach to improving access to healthy foods in our rural communities.”