Students Finding Strength, Hope And Help Through North Dakota Based Suicide Prevention Program

Caring Foundation partners with Sources of Strength to provide suicide prevention programs to North Dakota schools

Creating an impact across the state

Sometimes, students are carrying more on their shoulders than we think. We all go through the ups and downs of life and Sources of Strength, a national evidenced-based suicide prevention program, founded in Mandan, ND, emphasizes that during the rough times no student should feel hopeless or alone. Sources of Strength uses tools such as connectivity, school bonding and peer-adult partnerships to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying and substance abuse.

Their mission continues as they seek to expand their program into more and more North Dakota schools and communities.

Last year through a partnership with the BCBSND Caring Foundation grant funding supported expanding participation in Sources of Strength to over twenty schools in North Dakota.

"Thank you so much to the BCBSND Caring Foundation for helping Sources of Strength spread its suicide prevention program throughout the state," says Cody Sletten, Support Coordinator of Sources of Strength. "Thanks to this funding we were able to expand into more rural schools and increase our impact throughout the state by about a third of what we were already at."   

No student left behind

Sources of Strength takes a holistic approach to their program by ensuring that every student is involved. "We need to get kids from every different corner, every different sub-group of the school," says Sletten. "A representative from every lunch table you might say."

The students work in teams to help promote positivity and connectivity throughout the school. Campaigns, team activities and positive messaging help drive the participation from each student to achieve a collaborative goal of spreading hope, health and strength.  

Amber Blomberg, BCBSND Caring Foundation Manager states, "We hope that our contribution can make a difference by giving youth the tools they need to keep themselves and their friends safe and well supported."

Building life skills

By giving students an opportunity to engage and interact with the principles of Sources of Strength, they're able to apply these techniques to others area in their lives, too. It's a lesson that young individuals can take with them forever, ensuring that when life knocks them down, they have the resources and strength to get back up.

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