Angela’s story: Working a satisfying job

Angela Cruff was looking for an office job and joined Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) when the company had an unpaid internship program. After completing the program, interns could apply for paid positions. She took a medical terminology course and applied for a few openings. The Customer Contact Center (CCC) interested her the most.

Cruff’s first impression of BCBSND was that it was a warm and welcoming company. Everyone was rooting for each other’s success, and there was comradery in every area she went into.

When thinking about the culture at BCBSND, she thinks of the word “caring.”

“It’s a tough job, but you have people who mentor you and who you can ask for help …someone’s always there for you,” shared Cruff.

Favorite memories

Her favorite memories were ones where they just had fun at work. They held a 60s party with costumes, did group workouts and enjoyed delicious food at employee potlucks. Work like our recent Business Transformation efforts, where we are learning, working and collaborating with each other was also very memorable.

Daily work with members

In the CCC, Cruff and the team are typically the number members call on their member ID card – members’ first contact and voice they hear.

“It can be difficult, but it’s a beautiful experience,” said Cruff. “It’s a tough, high energy job that can be very emotionally exhausting. But you can make someone’s day. If a customer is confused, you can teach them and help them through the issue.”

Finding inspiration in her work

The personal satisfaction of knowing she works a job for a company that is aligned with her values and behaviors/mission is what inspires her.

“When you work with a company that aligns with your values, you want to do better, be better and achieve new and different goals,” Cruff explained. “BCBSND has been a great company to work for. I started in the Fargo office, then went to Valley City, then went back to Fargo and now I’ve been at the Wahpeton office since it opened up seven years ago.”

Our Wahpeton office started in a large classroom and then grew enough to move downtown. Cruff likes it because she considers herself a small-town girl at heart.

“It just shows that even if you aren’t in the main Fargo office, we truly are together even though we’re apart,” said Cruff.