Amber’s Story: Using her skills for the community

In this employee spotlight, we feature Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Community Partnerships and Caring Foundation Manager Amber Blomberg.

A new opportunity
Amber worked in the fashion industry before she joined BCBSND. This was a new change for her, but one she was ready to make.

“Many people were surprised I accepted a position at BCBSND. I was excited for the new opportunities and putting my organizational skills and project management to better use,” she explained. “BCBSND was a large company, but everyone was so friendly and helpful. It made the first few days and weeks much less stressful.” 

From farm to Fargo
Amber grew up on a farm near Starbuck, Minn. She lived eight miles from town and one mile from their closest neighbor.

This small-town living gave her a distinct point of view as she made her way to Fargo. Amber later graduated from Concordia College. Now she and her husband live in North Fargo with their three daughters.

BCBSND’s culture and leaders
Since joining BCBSND in 2012, Amber has seen our culture grow. She has personally been involved in:

  • Repurposing and endowing the Caring Foundation
  • Launching a volunteer program for employees
  • And more

“I think BCBSND strives to take care of its employees – in truly getting to know colleagues beyond their job duties,” said Amber. “Our [managers] are invested in their employees and making BCBSND a great place to work and do business.”

Favorite memories
Amber’s favorite memories at BCBSND are of volunteering with colleagues. She believes volunteering is a great way to take a break from the office, recharge and make an impact in the community.

Making an impact
As manager of the Caring Foundation, Amber knows how BCBSND supports community-based health, wellness and prevention efforts in the state of North Dakota. By investing in our communities, we improve our members’ health and well-being. This is a big part of Amber’s work every day.

“I have the honor of waking up every morning and making a difference in others’ lives by collaborating with organizations to support sustainable and innovative efforts that reduce health barriers, fill gaps and promote better health outcomes,” Amber said.

Our Caring Foundation wouldn’t be the same without Amber’s hard work. We’re grateful for her nine years with the company and look forward to many more with her.