BCBSND Intern Gains Valuable Experience And Lasting Memories

BCBSND intern tells of her experience at the company

Meet Emily Groth, an undergraduate senior at Minnesota State University Moorhead and Graphic Design intern at BCBSND. Emily is majoring in graphic communications and working towards a minor in marketing. She aspires to one day lead a design team and collaborate with a marketing team to make decisions regarding external communications.


Emily didn't find BCBSND by accident. No, she wanted an internship with a company that shared the same values as her and offered an opportunity to work with an in-house design team.

"The opportunity to work with an in-house design team really grabbed my attention," Emily says, "I also have a passion to help others and BCBSND seems to share that same passion. The fit was perfect because our values matched up so well."

Emily entered the summer ecstatic and ready to turn heads as a new BCBSND intern.

First impressions last a lifetime

Emily had no trouble settling into her new role at BCBSND. Her first impressions of the company gave her assurance that she belonged on the BCBSND team.

"Everyone is so friendly. People are always smiling and cheerful as you pass them in the hallways," Emily explains. "I was very excited to see that type of environment."

Emily admits the size of the building was intimidating at first, but it didn't take her long to feel comfortable calling BCBSND home.

"The building was intimidating at first, but everyone was so helpful, and it made this place feel like home."


During Emily's internship, she's been given a chance to experience and contribute to the culture at BCBSND.

"Our company is employee-oriented and that's shown through all of our employee events throughout the year."

These employee events have allowed Emily to get to know her co-workers better. From the employee picnic to the CARE event, Emily appreciates the opportunities she's been given to bond with her BCBSND team.

"The culture here builds up the community and makes working together a lot more enjoyable," Emily says.

Emily also mentions how BCBSND is different than any other organization she's been a part of.

"I feel supported in all the work that I do here. I'm never thrown into a project without the necessary tools and resources to be successful."

She gives an immense amount of praise to her co-workers and team leaders for their guidance during her time here at BCBSND.

"My co-workers are always willing to help me with projects I have questions on. That support ultimately motivates me to produce the highest quality work I'm capable of."

Memories and advice

Memories are something you can take with you forever. One of Emily's most fond memories of her time here at BCBSND is being able to get to know her fellow interns better.

"During the summer, my intern group would meet for lunch every day. It provided an opportunity to get to know each other better and share our different experiences at BCBSND," Emily recalls. "It was fun to spend time with that group."

With over six months of experience as a BCBSND intern, Emily has some advice for future interns.

"Be confident and show why you're a BCBSND intern. Remember that you're almost an expert in your field, you may not have the credentials to show that yet, but you have enough skill, knowledge and opportunities to make an impact. Trust yourself." Some wise words from a bright young professional.

Her inspiration

Emily's inspired by the future and opportunities that will come her way. Having the ability to learn and adapt to new technology and techniques allow her to become invaluable in her field of study.

"In graphic arts, you constantly have to learn new technology and techniques because the field is changing every day. I've been wanting to explore different types of media and the thought of having a career that allows me to never stop learning is exciting," Emily says.

She's excited for what the future holds and is grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at BCBSND.

Staying busy outside work and school

Emily seems to always find something to keep herself busy. When she's not working at BCBSND or studying for school, Emily's dedicating time to her side business.

"In my free time I create macramé and other artwork. I sell my artwork, attend vendor shops and help other local businesses with design projects. I love being able to connect with a variety of different people in the area," Emily says.

When Emily isn't a student, intern and local entrepreneur she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.