Employee Spotlight: Megan Houn

BCBSND VP of Government Affairs & Public Policy Megan Houn (right) with BCBSND employees Amber Blomberg (middle) and Ryan Hartje (left).

BCBSND VP of Government Affairs & Public Policy Megan Houn (right) with BCBSND employees Amber Blomberg (middle) and Ryan Hartje (left).

In this employee spotlight, we feature Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) VP of Government Affairs & Public Policy Megan Houn.

What brought her to Blue
Megan came from a small nonprofit that worked on promoting health. She was recruited by a BCBSND employee at a state chamber meeting. 

“What appealed to me the most was advocating for North Dakotans on a local and state level. It feels like I’m on the hometown team,” shared Megan.

The skills she brings to Blue
Advocacy, lobbying and education are Megan’s main areas of focus. Throughout her career, her natural curiosity and relationship building skills have prepared her well for the Public Policy and Government Affairs role. 

“I constantly want to understand how things work and then translate that into something meaningful. I also have a passion to get to know everyone,” said Megan.

A typical day at Blue
During the legislative session, Megan’s typical day consists of running from one committee hearing or public servant’s office to another. Her role requires the mental and emotional flexibility of discussing multiple topics with many different stakeholders as well as the physical stamina of traveling across the state. 

On the off season, Megan works with internal work groups to learn more about legislative proposals, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) rules or any other policy issues that require their attention. 

“My job is to build relationships and help others understand how policies and legislations impact our members,” said Megan. “We like to visit legislators and follow the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to see what regulatory policy is coming from them as well as any CMS rules.” 

What Megan likes best about #LifeAtNDBlue
It’s no surprise that Megan is a people person. It takes a lot of work to meet and talk with all the people she needs to talk to. But that’s where the support of her team comes into play. 

“I think the people are probably the best part of life at Blue,” said Megan. “I always feel supported by our leadership team and they are wonderful about helping me understand the complexities of health insurance. There's just an environment at Blue in fostering education, support and success, and I love that.”

What she hopes to take away from Blue
At first, Megan joked that she isn’t taking anything away from Blue because she’s never leaving. However, on a more serious note, she believes the spirit of leadership is one thing that will always be with her.

“For the longest time, I’ve been included in leadership and mindset trainings even before I was leading anyone. The fact they included me in that culture of leadership was phenomenal,” said Megan. “I think the spirit of serving others and working together is one thing I will definitely take from Blue.  

What will you bring to Blue? 
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