Employee Spotlight: Tabitha Iverson

Tabitha Iverson and her family.

In this employee spotlight, we feature Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Manager of Provider Operations Tabitha Iverson.

Meet Tabitha Iverson
Tabitha started at BCBSND on March 7, 2022. Before Blue, she worked in the health care industry on the provider side in coding, billing and reimbursement. She’s married and has two daughters – a 15 and 17-year-old. Also, she and her husband own and operate a building and grounds maintenance company.

Joining Blue
As someone who loves to learn and grow, Tabitha thought BCBSND would be a great place to continue in the health care industry. 

“Working for another payer before coming to Blue, I viewed BCBSND as an industry leader and I knew there was a lot of information I wanted to learn about and that's part of my role – the collaboration between the provider and the payer,” shared Tabitha.

When Tabitha joined as a manager, she was given the opportunity to join the management retreat. This gave her a chance to really get to know the company and its mission and vision straight from the executive leadership and other leaders.

“It was such an amazing opportunity to be in-person with a bunch of other leaders,” said Tabitha. “I like the transparency. I like the communication and I like that everybody has a voice despite your role or what credential or title you have – there's opportunities to provide input.”

Managing Provider Operations
As manager of Provider Operations, Tabitha gets to work with people on a regular basis. She works closely with the Credentialing Data Management team. Their job is to ensure provider demographics are correct and that BCBSND has the accurate information to not only process claims, but also help members identify which providers are in or out-of-network.

Tabitha also works with our provider education specialists to make sure providers have the information they need to build claims. They oversee the distribution of our Healthcare News communication and eBlasts to the provider community.

“The easier we make it for providers, the easier it is for their patients (our members),” said Tabitha.

What inspires Tabitha to reach her goals?

We asked Tabitha where she finds the inspiration to reach her goals. She said she likes to challenge herself and enjoys serving others.

“I like to give back, so that's why I volunteer for organizations like the American Academy of Professional Coders or my daughter’s swim team – whatever I can be a part of that allows me to engage with new people and challenge myself to do new and exciting things,” said Tabitha. “I’m just trying to understand what the next step is and how I can progress to be better, both in my professional and personal life.”