Intern Spotlight - Olyvia Heaser

Olyvia Heaser posing for a headshot

Olyvia always knew she wanted to work in the healthcare field but wasn’t set on being a nurse.

“I know I'm a people person. I love talking with people. I love working with people. I just knew nursing wasn't exactly for me,” Olyvia stated.

Growing up with a passion to help

Growing up in Rochester, Minn., Olyvia attended Stewartville High School. When the time came to attend college, she chose to study at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM).

Olyvia is on track to graduate in the summer of 2023. She is double majoring in Project Management and Health Administration, while also minoring in Operations Management – she chose these areas of study because she has a great passion to help others.

Choosing a career

Olyvia’s dad works in healthcare, and he always encouraged her to work in that field. The hard part was figuring out what avenue of healthcare to work in.

“Being part of a healthcare organization allows me to be passionate about helping people in need. That's my biggest goal: to have a job that's impactful to my community,” she said.

The Internship Program

While looking for internships that would give her experience in both majors, Olyvia found the internship program at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND).

Olyvia stated, “I've heard about BCBSND and its impact and how it's a great organization. The Project Management Office was the first place that had that opportunity for me.”

Olyvia’s role at BCBSND

Olyvia is interning in the Project Management Office where she is shadowing two project managers. “Everyone in my department has been so helpful. I love talking to my mentor if there's something I’d like to see or do,” said Olyvia.

Sitting in on meetings, taking notes, communicating with others on the project and seeing how project managers keep the project on schedule are just a few of Olyvia’s daily responsibilities.

Highlights of her experience include meeting new friends, getting lunch with coworkers and working on projects with other departments throughout the company.

Volunteering at BCBSND

Another highlight for her was BCBSND’s culture of volunteerism. The internship program involved two different volunteering opportunities: making bouquets with Hope Blooms and cleaning up the parks along the Red River with River Keepers.

“I thought Hope Blooms was such an awesome experience. I love working with flowers, so it was great,” shared Olyvia.

Her advice

When asked what advice she would give future interns at BCBSND, Olyvia responded, “Be open to trying different things and communicate with your mentors as to what you want to get out of the internship.

“There are just so many great opportunities to learn with all the different departments. Everyone is so helpful and generous, and they really want to help you grow your knowledge and your experience. So just be willing to put yourself out there. Be open to talking to new people. Make those big connections because networking and being a part of this community can really help your future.”


This fall, Olyvia plans to move back to Rochester to finish her schooling online and work part-time as an administrative assistant in the Neurology Research Department at Mayo Clinic.