Intern Spotlight – Abubakar Abdikadir

Abubakar Abdikadir, 2021 BCBSND IT Solutions Delivery intern poses for a picture while sitting on a picnic bench.

Our “Intern Spotlight” series features past and present interns of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND). The following is a spotlight for Abubakar Abdikadir, who just completed our 2021 summer internship program.

An adventurer with a heart for people
Abubakar Abdikadir is a true adventure seeker. He is someone who will try anything at least once. This has led him to many exciting hobbies like traveling, skydiving, snorkeling and bungee jumping. He shared how his spirit for adventure brings him to new places and experiences.

“During my sophomore year of college, I was the community outreach coordinator for a school club. That’s where I developed a passion for making a positive impact on others’ lives. That experience influenced my career path and shaped the type of organization I want to join,” shared Abubakar.

A senior at North Dakota State University (NDSU), Abubakar studies Management Information Systems (MIS) and is the vice president of the MIS club. His interest in BCBSND’s intern program came from hearing about BCBSND from friends and family. He found that we offered an intern position in our IT Solutions Delivery department during the summer and applied.

“I wanted an internship program that would expose me to many aspects of the IT field, and I found that at BCBSND,” Abubakar said.

Working from home and BCBSND’s culture
After a smooth interview and onboarding process, Abubakar found BCBSND to be ready and happy to help its employees and interns.

The conversations I had with my supervisor and leaders gave me the impression that this place cares about their employees and wants them to enjoy their work. They were passionate about the intern program which assured me that the experience would be beneficial for my personal and professional development,” he shared.

Abubakar was thankful for the flexibility BCBSND gave its employees. His intern position was the first role he worked from home.

“It was an adjustment at first, but through the guidance of my mentors and team, I was able to find that integration between work-life,” he said.

During his internship, Abubakar was able to witness our workplace culture. He noted BCBSND’s dedication to both members and employees, attending BCBSND’s Career Achievement and Recognition Event (CARE). This event honors career milestones of employees. Member stories are also shared at this event to help employees connect with the impact of their work. Abubakar found this year’s story to be quite meaningful.

“I’ll never forget the experience I had at the event,” shared Abubakar. “Hearing real-life stories of how BCBSND’s work impacts its members struck something in me. I’ve always wanted to work for an organization that made a difference in individuals’ lives and their communities.”

Advice for future interns
Now that he completed his internship, Abubakar is ready to take on new adventures. Before he left, he shared the following for future interns:

“Ask as many questions as you can. There is a lot of knowledge available from everyone in the organization so take advantage of it and don’t be afraid to ask,” he shared. “Also network because that will help you meet new people, giving you better insight into how different departments and roles fit into the overall organization.”