Lauren Graftaas: Following her passion to help and understand others

In this employee spotlight, we feature Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Customer Experience (CX) Partner Lauren Graftaas.

Finding home in Fargo
Lauren grew up in Moorhead, Minnesota. Earlier in life, her plan was to move far, far away. 

“I always thought there were bigger and better things out there,” she shared.

As Lauren grew up and spent more time in the area, volunteering in high school and all through college, she fell in love with the community and people in Fargo.

“I spent a month and a half in California and enjoyed my time there, but it was a bit of a wakeup call,” Lauren said. “I love going on walks and seeing scenery and I would wave to people and say ‘hi’ and there wasn’t that enthusiastic ‘hello’ back, but rather a look of ‘how do I know you?’”

These kinds of experiences and the culture of helpfulness in North Dakota gave Lauren a deeper appreciation for the community here.

An organization that helps people
After college, Lauren decided she wanted to work for an organization that helps people. Growing up with BCBSND health insurance and seeing the way it partners with the community, Lauren resonated with the values and mission of the company. 

“I knew a few people at BCBSND and reached out to them and asked about their experience. I learned that BCBSND really did align with my values,” she said. 

Not long after, she interviewed for a job. After the interview, she believed the role was a great fit and enjoyed the caring spirit and drive she saw in employees. She was hired on as the CX Partner in September of 2021.

“My role is amazing. I’m the first person to be in the CX partner role and it’s been fun to work with leadership to make the best experience for our customers. I enjoy learning all of the aspects of the business and the different departments,” she shared.

What is customer experience (CX)?
Lauren described CX as “every single touch point a customer has with the organization.” CX works to solve collective issues by working with the organization’s internal teams and stakeholders to create a better experience for the customer.

As Lauren has learned more about BCBSND, she has appreciated the willingness other employees have shown in teaching her about the complexities of health insurance and the different areas of the organization.

“The perspective I have now as an employee…it’s amazing we get to be a part of big moments – like when people have a baby…and programs like Member Advocacy helping people when they’re dealing with some really tough stuff, too,” said Lauren.

Finding inspiration
Lauren shared that the fulfillment she finds in helping others is her inspiration. She enjoys the value of giving back and doing good.

“That’s what I love about this organization, but also the CX role. It’s really about helping people in the long run,” she shared.

BCBSND employees in three words
Lauren described her experience of BCBSND employees in three words: wise, hard-working and dedicated. She also explained how impressed she was by BCBSND’s employee tenure.

“The average tenure for employees is 12-13 years. I walk by so many people’s cubicles and see 20 and 30-year anniversary certificates. So many people have been here so long, which says amazing things about the organization,” she said.

A great partner at Blue
We’re grateful to have Lauren on our team at Blue. Her personable nature and enthusiasm is exemplary and we’re excited to continue working with her to bring our members the best customer experience possible.