Upholding our values in a hybrid workplace with Sr. HR Partner Holly Thingelstad

Woman sitting and working at desk with group video call on her computer.

In 2022, we are speaking with one Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) employee each month to find out how they uphold our mission, vision and values in these unprecedented times.

Meet Holly Thingelstad
Holly Thingelstad of Fargo, N.D. has been with BCBSND for two-and-a-half years. As our Sr. HR Business Partner, she had to figure out how to uphold our values in the hybrid work environment that evolved in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Holly’s thoughts on integrity, effective collaboration and service excellence
Even under normal circumstances, HR work is personal and needs to be handled with integrity. Think onboarding and offboarding, compensation, benefits and more.

Because she knows each employee’s situation is unique, Holly collaborates with her coworkers to serve both on-site and remote employees. The solution usually isn’t as simple as visiting someone at their desk to check on their well-being.

“We have to think about the way we do things for remote employees,” she shared. “I try to put myself in their shoes and ask, ‘How would it feel to have this done on video, over a call or in-person?’”

Why constant innovation is important for Holly
After first seeking to understand, Holly then tries to come up with an innovative solution to address the needs of BCBSND or a specific employee. “It's important we adapt to what the employee needs from us in the moment,” she said.

How Holly handles sensitive information responsibly
As senior HR business partner, Holly is responsible for handling sensitive information. A big part of her job is to support BCBSND employees so they can focus on simplifying health care, ensuring affordability and elevating well-being for our members.

“I hope by removing obstacles for our employees, I am indirectly helping members get the services they need,” she explained. “There's a lot we can’t always talk about in HR, but we are usually working to make things better for everyone.”

Holly’s enthusiasm for problem-solving
Although upholding BCBSND’s values in today’s hybrid work environment may seem daunting, Holly enjoys problem-solving and helping our employees be their best selves.

“I really like puzzles. Every day my job is a puzzle of ‘How do these pieces fit together,’ or ‘How can we make this better?’ – I love that about it,” she shared.

As we continue to face new challenges, BCBSND relies on employees like Holly to uphold these values. We thank Holly for sharing her thoughts on integrity, effective collaboration, service excellence, constant innovation, responsible stewardship and enthusiasm!