• June 21, 2011

BCBSND announces support for North Dakotans impacted by historic flooding

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota has announced temporary policy changes for members and businesses affected by flooding in the Minot and Bismarck regions, allowing for early refills of prescription medications and an extended period for payment of policy premiums.

"Our thoughts and support are with the thousands across the state impacted by the spring flooding of the Souris, Missouri and other rivers," said BCBSND President and CEO Paul von Ebers. "We hope these two temporary changes can help our members worry about one less thing as they deal with the stress of flooding."

The temporary changes are available to both individuals and businesses in flooded areas across North Dakota. The changes are:

  • Members who have prescription drug coverage through BCBSND can receive early refills for prescriptions. To receive an early refill, members should contact their pharmacy and ask them to follow established guidelines for an early refill process.
  • Members who have individual or group policies will be allowed an extended period to make their premium payments.

Members and businesses who have been impacted by flooding in North Dakota should contact BCBSND by calling the phone number on the back of their BCBSND insurance card or Member Services at 1-844-363-8457.

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