• December 31, 2018

Caring Foundation Partners With Native American Development Center

The Caring Foundation awarded a grant to the Native American Development Center to help fund transportation needs for Native American families seeking to rebuild their lives.

Currently, Native Americans are among the highest racial group in the United States impacted by the drug and opioid epidemic. For individuals transitioning out of this lifestyle, they may not have reliable transportation, meaning they might not be able to go to work, support groups or even see their families. By providing transportation to resources, these Native Americans can be more successful in their transition from a life of addiction, domestic abuse, prison or other situation to a better life.

Executive Director of BCBSND Caring Foundation, Pam Gulleson, states, "We are so pleased to be partnering with the Native American Development Center. They have done excellent work in the Native American community, providing resources that are crucial for a successful transition to a better life."

Lorraine Davis, Executive Director of the Native American Development Center states, "Transportation is something not funded anywhere and is detrimental to our Native American population. Something like transportation is huge to being successful in economic stability."

Watch Lorraine's full testimonial here: