• July 14, 2014

NMIC Board Names Tim Huckle as CEO and President

The Board of Directors of Noridian Mutual Insurance Company (NMIC) has announced the appointment of Tim Huckle as President and CEO, effective immediately. NMIC, which does business within North Dakota as Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND), had named Huckle as the interim CEO in May, citing his proven track record of leadership together with his commitment to the long-term goals of the organization.

NMIC Board Chair Ann McConn stated "The Board was unanimous in its decision to appoint Tim Huckle as our President and CEO. Tim brings almost 29 years of BCBSND and health insurance industry experience to the organization and remains focused on implementing its ongoing strategy for long-term financial strength and stability on behalf of its members and employees."

Through his 29 years with the organization, Huckle earned a reputation for building effective teams and for collaboration that focused on the ultimate needs of members as well as employees. At the time he was named interim CEO and president, he was serving as Chief Operating Officer, with oversight of five divisions and more than 500 employees that successfully implemented the Affordable Care Act, achieved record enrollment and growth for two consecutive years, and achieved the organization's highest historical levels of member satisfaction as measured by the national Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

McConn also added that, "The Board continues to be impressed by Tim's commitment to the organization's members and employees, and his steady leadership as we navigate during this time of unprecedented changes to our industry." Huckle had previously served as the interim CEO in 2009, and had succeeded in maintaining business continuity and performance during what was considered a challenging timeframe for the organization. The leadership position requires a minimum of ten years experience in the health care industry, experience in consensus building, operational experience including budgeting and finance, and a track record of developing and implementing strategic plans along with a strong business and personal code of conduct.

A native of Valley City, North Dakota, Huckle graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Business Administration degree. He began his career at BCBSND as a work management specialist in the claims processing and service area, advancing to the team leader position in the Medicare Part B Claims and Blue Shield Claims departments, then on to the management of the Claims division. Huckle learned all aspects of BCBSND operations through successive experience as assistant vice president of Planning and Development and as vice president of Development and Business Strategies, where he led the collaborative process of developing the company's three-year strategic plan. The additional responsibilities of human resources and training were later added to that division.

About Noridian Mutual Insurance Company
With more than 70 years of experience in the health insurance industry, Fargo, N.D.-based Noridian Mutual Insurance Company provides quality health care coverage and supplemental products. NMIC offers quality health care coverage as Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota as a licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. To learn more about BCBSND, visit www.BCBSND.com.