BCBSND Expands Support for Members, Employer Groups

BCBSND will temporarily provide an extended grace period for premium bills and enhance flexibility in health plan eligibility requirements

FARGO, N.D. – For 80 years Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) has been committed to working with its customers to ensure they have access to the health care coverage, in good times and the bad. As North Dakota’s longstanding and largest health insurance carrier, BCBSND stands by that commitment during this unprecedented time.

Effective March 24, 2020, BCBSND is allowing customers to have 62 days to pay their premiums (which is an extension from the current 31-day requirement) for all members with individual plans or small group coverage (businesses with under 50 employees).

In support of the larger businesses (those with 50 or more employees), BCBSND representatives will work with them directly on a case-by-case basis to determine alternative payment plans. 

President and CEO Dan Conrad shared, “In support of our communities and the impact this pandemic is having on our economy, we encourage all members and employer groups to pay their premiums as best they can. However, we recognize that we need to do all we can to support our members and ensure we remove the financial barriers they may have in getting care. We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our members and are confident we’ll get through this crisis together.”

As businesses around the country are forced to reduce hours or lay off employees, BCBSND is also allowing greater flexibility in eligibility requirements:

  • As long as premiums are paid, BCBSND will work with employers to keep employees on their health plan, even when their hours fall below current eligibility guidelines;
  • BCBSND will also soon accept credit card payments from small group employers to aide in their ability to make premium payments;
  • BCBSND will allow employers to remove or reduce current probationary periods for new employees, thereby allowing new employees access to their health plan sooner.

In addition, members who experience a reduction in income or are laid off due to the pandemic may qualify for premium relief through the federal government’s Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) program as a qualifying event. BCBSND encourages members to learn more about the program online or by calling BCBSND Member Services at by calling 844-363-8457.

About Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

BCBSND (www.BCBSND.com) was founded in 1940 with the mission to provide members with affordable access to health care across the state. As a member-owned, not-for-profit independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), BCBSND is committed to transforming care and health across the state to improve outcomes, lower cost trends and make it easier to shop, buy and use health care coverage. Members have access to unmatched local service and to a comprehensive network of health care providers across the state, the nation and in 200 countries.