Employee Spotlight: Lisa Braun

Lisa Braun  and her son Hayden in a recent family photo.

Lisa and her son, Hayden, in a recent family photo.

We’re featuring Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Enterprise Portfolio Manager Lisa Braun in this employee spotlight.

Meet Lisa Braun

Lisa was born and raised in West Fargo, North Dakota. She also lived in Leonard, North Dakota for about 15 years. She’s a big fan of animals and has competed in a variety of horse and dog shows all over the state. She is currently a trainer at the Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club. and enjoys training dogs for agility and conformation shows. Her four-year-old Papillon, Fawkes, is at the champion bronze level which is quite the achievement. 

“I got bit by the agility bug back in 2006 when I got my first dog and haven’t looked back since,” shared Lisa.

Starting at Blue

As a history and education double major from NDSU, Lisa planned to become a high school social studies teacher after graduating. However, finding a teaching position was tough, and she needed a way to make a living. She started working as a claims adjudicator for a mutual insurance company in 1998. The company was later bought by Noridian, a sister company of BCBSND. 

Learning the landscape

After about a year and a half at Noridian, she moved to a provider credentialing position at BCBSND. After about a year, she left to work for other health care companies.

“I left the company because we always think the grass is greener on the other side, and it isn't,” said Lisa. 

During this time, Lisa got several years of experience from different health care companies. She also worked at more familiar companies like Eide Bailey and Microsoft. The work was fine, but the stability and benefits weren’t where her family needed them to be.

Deciding to return to Blue, Lisa watched for a job opening. She found a position in the Claims Service Unit taking member calls and processing claims. It was her foot back into the door with Blue.

Finding her niche

Moving forward, Lisa wanted to find a way to use her teaching background. She found positions as a coordinator, operations support and eventually the enterprise portfolio manager role she holds today. 

“I've always had an interest in helping others, whether providing training, giving tips and tricks or writing training manuals,” said Lisa. “So, my position just grew and morphed…I think that's the one thing I really enjoy about my job – the diversity of work and all the different areas I get to collaborate with.”

The importance of good work relationships

In her role, Lisa helps team members from all over the company find the tools, resources and answers they need. If she can’t find an answer, she guides them to someone who might. She enjoys the variety of work and relationships that have resulted.

“Often, we spend more time with our coworkers than we do with our own families. So, I believe you should have just as good a relationship with your work family as you do with your immediate family,” said Lisa. “I say that because you have to be able to get along. You have to be able to figure out a way to work through your differences and you have to be able to figure out a way to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.”

“I don’t have to worry.”

We asked Lisa what comes to mind when she thinks of Blue’s work culture. She said when it comes to her supervisor and other team leads, they have a meaningful work relationship.

“We all know we have each other's backs. If something comes up, I don't have to worry because all I have to do is say, ‘Hey, I need help with this,’ and there's no hesitation. They jump in and take care of it,” shared Lisa. “That’s what our Blue culture is to me.”

We’re thankful for Lisa and the way she helps our teams. We know that every time Lisa helps find an answer, it’s one step closer to helping our members with their needs.

Lisa and Fawkes earned two Reserve Best In Shows at a United Kennel Club in July.

Lisa and Fawkes earned two Reserve Best In Shows at a UKC (United Kennel Club) in July.