Caring for our natural environment is a vital part of the long-term health and well-being of our communities. When it comes to being a good environmental steward, we focus on right-sizing our impact to meet the needs of our employees and the evolving expectations of our members.

BCBSND maintenance employee changing out filters.

Modernization of our Fargo headquarters

  • Technology to reduce electrical consumption such as LED light fixtures, occupancy sensors, loop storage tanks and variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • High-efficiency water cooling towers to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Ion plasma generators to keep indoor air cleaner longer, reducing load on HVAC systems and reducing energy usage
  • HealthyDakota Mutual Holdings, the parent company of BCBSND, is embracing a hybrid workforce and strategically consolidating space to reduce the physical footprint by 60%

Paper and waste reduction

  • Move toward a fully-digital internal workflow
  • Reduce use of external print and mail
  • Heat parts of the building with exhaust from the print facility
  • Reduce waste with recycling program