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Hundreds of thousands of people depend on us to provide affordable health insurance. As a not-for-profit mutual insurance company, our members expect us to manage our business with their best interests in mind.

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Delivering member value

  • As a nonprofit, member-owned organization, we strive to bring value to our members through ongoing efforts to challenge the cost of health care.
  • Robust audits to ensure accurate, timely and effective claims processing
  • Enhanced payment integrity program to ensure claims are paid according to medical necessity
  • A targeted cost per member, per month to ensure responsible stewardship of member premiums
  • Responsible investment model that prioritizes innovation, services and support for our members

Board independence and diversity

  • Independent board made up of nine to 15 members
  • A mix of consumer-driven member directors and health providers
  • Directors elected through annual voting process involving BCBSND voting members
  • Targeted recruiting for female and minority candidates

High ethical and compliance standards

In a highly regulated and complicated industry, we have mechanisms in place to achieve high standards in operations:

  • Audit team reporting directly to the board of directors
  • Protocols for working with risk-mitigated vendors
  • Dedication to information security, data protection and privacy
  • Environmental, social and governance council created in 2022
  • Provider Special Investigations Unit to ensure accurate claims, while monitoring for fraud, waste and abuse