• November 8, 2018

Central Cass Public School District benefits from BCBSND Caring Foundation Grant

Funds used for new STEM curriculum

FARGO – The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Caring Foundation recently awarded Central Cass Public School District a three-year grant to help fund their new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum. The grant will be used to expose students to STEM programming, giving them opportunities to work in teams to explore science and technology and engage in critical thinking and effective communication.

Central Cass currently offers several STEM curriculums at the high school level. The grant funds from the BCBSND Caring Foundation will be used to expand the STEM curriculum into the elementary and middle school grade levels, giving younger students the opportunity to build their capacity for critical thinking through applied learning, and ultimately set them up for success later in life and the workforce.

"The educational opportunities formed by our STEM center are unlimited," states Morgan Forness, Superintendent of Central Cass Public School District. "The STEM disciplines are not only vital in preparing students to enter a 21st century workforce, but are also critical foundation skills for success in life. STEM concepts rely heavily on problem solving."

"BCBSND Caring Foundation is pleased to be partnering with Central Cass School as they expand their STEM curriculum to elementary students," shared Pam Gulleson, Executive Director of BCBSND Caring Foundation. "North Dakota is facing significant workforce challenges in the health care field, which can impact both access and delivery to necessary services. Exposing students to science and other related curriculum at an early age is a critical first step to growing the future health care workforce."