• November 8, 2018

Crosby community benefits from BCBSND Rural Health Grant

Funds used for Color Splash 5K Run/Walk

FARGO – The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Caring Foundation awarded St. Luke's Medical Center a $2,500 Rural Health Provider Partnership Grant in 2018. The grant was used to help fund the Fourth Annual Color Splash 5K Run/Walk to help raise money for new high jump equipment for the local Divide County Track and Field Team.

On August 25, Divide County community members took to the streets to participate in the 5K with over 145 participants lined up in white shirts to run over three miles through clouds of color thrown by local sponsors. Over $5,000 was raised by the run. Each year the proceeds go to support a different local organization, who are then involved in planning and promoting the event.

"It's always a fun event where we are able to give back to the community, area youth and families and promote healthier lifestyles," said Marianne Wamhoff, Director of Human Resources at St. Luke's.

The BCBSND Rural Health Grant Program is a collaborative with the Center for Rural Health (CRH) at the University of North Dakota (UND). The purpose of the grant program is to support local health care providers and their communities by offering funding for projects that champion increased physical activity and promote the health and well-being of rural North Dakotans.

A complete listing past recipients of the grant program are available on the CRH website, http://www.ruralhealth.und.edu/projects/bcbs-grant-program.