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Career Types

Everything we do, we do on behalf of our members. And, according to them, we're doing a great job. Member satisfaction is around 96%. Even so, there's always another challenge around the corner.

To help change the health care industry for the better, we need caring and purpose-driven people on the following teams:

Job categories:

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We build brand marketing and effective communications strategies for all our different audiences, in all mediums. If you get jazzed about all things "MarCom," this team is for you.

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Human Resources and Training

Running a successful company requires the best talent. Our HR professionals help us recruit, train and retain top employees. If you like helping people meet and exceed their potential, this team might be right for you.

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Legal and Compliance

Insurance is highly regulated and always changing. Our Legal and Compliance team uses their expertise to analyze and investigate business practices to ensure we're operating by the letter of the law.

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Member Services

Help provide award-winning customer service to our members. It's a great place to make sure the organization has everything it needs to give members what they need to succeed with our products.

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If your strength is in numbers, you'll appreciate the work of the Finance team. This team stewards company finances by applying their expertise to budgeting and reporting practices.

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Information Technology and Information Services

Our IT professionals and software managers update and maintain reliable systems to keep our ever-changing organization ticking. If tech-talk is your language, this may be your squad.

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Marketing and Sales

BCBSND takes a team approach to ensure individuals and organizations select the appropriate insurance coverage and get the most of their plans—that's the role of the Marketing and Sales team. Folks on this team are the ambassadors for the company, working together to help others. Sound interesting?

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Our Security team relies on skilled IT professionals to protect sensitive data and stay a step ahead of security vulnerabilities. If you have an eagle eye for technical danger, you'd feel right at home on this team.

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The Actuarial team deals with evaluating risks and maintaining the stability of he organization. If you excel at math, statistics and financial theory, you'll fit in well.

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Internal Audit

Is our company operating efficiently? Are we following proper protocols? Those are the questions answered by our Internal Audit team. If you love numbers, analysis, technology and dissecting financial risk, we've got a place for you.

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Health Integration

Medical background? There's more for you than a hands-on care position. Our Health Integration team manages relationships with providers and helps members manage their health conditions.

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