Faces of ND Medicaid

North Dakota Medicaid provides life-changing services for many North Dakotans every day. Through a partnership between the BCBSND Caring Foundation, the North Dakota Department of Health & Human Services, the Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas and the North Dakota Hospital Association, the stories below have been lifted up to highlight how ND Medicaid has improved people’s lives by providing the coverage and resources they needed through ND Medicaid.


Cuwe is a mother to four daughters. While pregnant with her fourth child, Cuwe escaped an abusive relationship and moved herself and her children to Bismarck, knowing they would need to live temporarily in her car. Cuwe reached out to the Burleigh County Human Service Zone for help. The zone team linked her to community services for help with food, housing and clothing. They also helped her apply for North Dakota (ND) Medicaid and economic assistance programs. Cuwe said that health care coverage through ND Medicaid has been very helpful for her family. She is now able to access preventive care and medical checkups for herself, well-child checkups for her children and dental services for the entire family.


Raya is a mother of two sons, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and in recovery from addiction. Prior to becoming a ND Medicaid member three years ago, Raya had no health insurance and sought medical care through emergency department visits. With ND Medicaid, she and her children are now able to have regular medical appointments with their doctors and participate in counseling services. Raya said with the help of ND Medicaid benefits she was able to access services to help her break the cycle of addiction.


Colin was born premature and weighed only two and a half pounds. Shortly after birth, he experienced strokes that affected his motor skills and lead to a cerebral palsy diagnosis. Because of ND Medicaid, all of Colin’s medical needs have been covered including hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, equipment needed to live independently in his apartment and support staff services. Today, Colin works for the Bismarck Larks, lives in an apartment with roommates, is involved in an independent living skills program and is active in the Youth Empowering Social Status group. Colin and his family would like others to know that ND Medicaid has made a big difference in his life by providing vital medical care, stability and independence.


Sandy doesn’t let her disability define her. After college graduation, Sandy worked as an intensive care unit nurse for seven years and enjoyed a 26-year career as a long-term care nurse. Sandy had private insurance through her employers. A farming accident left Sandy disabled, which required long-term care. She was unable to continue her career as a nurse resulting in a loss of income and private insurance. Sandy became eligible for ND Medicaid and was able to receive long-term care benefits along with medical, pharmacy and dental coverage. Sandy wants others to know that she does not take ND Medicaid for granted. Now, she does not have to worry about where money will come from to pay for her medical expenses.