Board of Directors

The BCBSND Board of Directors plays an important role in the success of our company, helping guide our work into the future.

Number, Tenure, Election and Qualifications

The Board of Directors shall consist of at least nine, but no more than 15, individuals distributed among three classes of Directors:

(a) Members of the corporation, or officers, directors or trustees of Members of the corporation, who are not providers of health care services and who are not employees of, or persons having a financial interest in, any provider of health care services ("Member Directors"),

(b) providers of health care services, including physicians, persons affiliated with hospitals, or individuals working in the health care delivery industry determined to be qualified ("Provider Directors"), and

(c) persons who meet neither the qualifications to be a Member Director nor a Provider Director ("At Large Directors").

At least a majority of the Directors shall be Member Directors and in no event shall there be more At Large Directors than Provider Directors.

Current Board

David Sprynczynatyk
Bismarck, ND
Jodi Atkinson
Bottineau, ND
Lynette J. Dickson
Grand Forks, ND
Lisa Helbling
Fargo, ND
Dennis Hill
Mandan, ND
Niles Hushka
Bozeman, MT
Todd Kumm
Fargo, ND