BCBSND partners with breast cancer screening study

BCBSND encourages eligible members to participate in the WISDOM study to receive personalized breast cancer screening recommendations at no cost.

The goal of the WISDOM study is to help find a better, more personalized way to screen for breast cancer. The study looks to transform breast cancer screening by determining if personalized breast cancer screening improves detection while reducing over-diagnosis and false positive readings.

BCBSND will cover the cost of services a fully insured member may receive through the study, with no cost sharing or impact to the member’s preventive benefit accumulations.

Services available to WISDOM study participants include:

  • Initial risk assessment, followed by an annual risk assessment for the next five years
  • Some study participants may receive genetic testing and genetic counseling, if deemed beneficial

Based on a member's risk assessment, the participant will receive a breast cancer screening frequency recommendation that they can discuss with their primary care provider.

The WISDOM study does not require your employees to change their mammogram provider or go to extra clinic visits. Please have interested employees learn more and see if they qualify.