COVID-19 Information Center for Members

From CEO Dan Conrad: Optimism for better days ahead

A short history lesson from CEO Dan Conrad gives us hope we can get through this pandemic together. Hear his take on what we can do.

Expanded coverage for COVID-19


Emergency authorized use COVID-19 vaccines are free of charge for BCBSND members. The vaccines themselves are paid through U.S. tax dollars. The costs to administer the vaccines are paid by BCBSND, resulting in no out-of-pocket costs for members. Because of our commitment to vaccinating North Dakota, if federal subsidies end, BCBSND will step in and pay for the vaccine.

Vaccination Sites, Priority Groups and More

COVID-19 tests are covered with the exception of occupational health testing, at home test kits, public health testing, and testing in order to travel or enter the country.

Testing Sites, Symptoms and More

Expanded telehealth coverage
Telehealth for all BCBSND members is covered and includes:

  • Video and telephone calls
  • Out-of-pocket costs waived for telehealth visits
  • Services include:
    • Office visits
    • Behavioral health
    • Diabetes education
    • Therapy visits
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Other telehealth visits

How to Use Telehealth

Our COVID Response


Waived cost-shares otherwise paid by members


COVID-related claims paid


COVID-related claims processed

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