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Enrollment is open only under special circumstances

Since the federally determined open enrollment period (November 1 - January 15 each year) has ended, you can enroll in a health plan now only if you have a qualifying life event that qualifies you for a special enrollment period. 

NOTE: If you get insurance through your employer, please inform your benefits administrator of your life event. 

Qualified for special enrollment?
Get a quote and apply.

Apply with this application for coverage to return to BCBSND.

What’s a qualifying life event?

  • Marriage
  • Change in dependent(s)—childbirth, adoption, foster care
  • Loss of insurance because of divorce/legal separation
  • Loss of insurance due to death of a loved one
  • Some household moves—moving permanently into a new ZIP code
  • Loss of coverage
  • Loss of eligibility for coverage

Document your life event

When you apply for health coverage during the special enrollment period, you’ll be asked to document your eligibility, including the facts that qualify you for a special enrollment period. You may be required to provide documentation.

Outside of open enrollment, you can get quotes for BCBSND health plans online,  but know you'll complete a paper application to return to BCBSND.