Member Advocacy

Once the initial shock wears off, the challenges of being diagnosed with a critical medical condition can be overwhelming. What are your choices? What's covered? What's next?

Through Member Advocacy, a personal advocate helps walk members through this difficult time.

We will walk you through it.

Through Member Advocacy, a personal advocate can help walk you through this difficult time with help in:

  • Obtaining pre-authorizations and prior approvals
  • Understanding medical jargon
  • Navigating health care networks and managing physician referrals
  • Walking through medical bills and Explanations of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Suggest community resources for services not covered by insurance
  • And more

Who can participate?

Currently, candidates for Member Advocacy are determined on a case-by-case basis, and include those who:

  • Are born severely premature
  • Have congenital defects
  • Have pediatric cancer
  • Experience a traumatic injury
  • Undergo a transplant

Get Started

If you, or someone you know, may be a candidate for Member Advocacy, please contact an advocate at 877-528-5140 or There's no need to include personal health information in your email message, we'll contact you for that information.