Use new health care stimulus dollars to save on your BCBSND coverage

You may be eligible for health insurance discounts based on a new stimulus bill called the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). We can help you determine whether you’re eligible and help apply your benefits toward BCBSND health coverage. 

What’s the ARPA?

ARPA is a government response to the economic impact COVID-19. It offers temporary insurance premium relief through 2022. Discounts take the form of tax credits. Credit amounts are determined based on a sliding scale—they’re more generous at lower income levels and decrease as income levels rise.

Who’s eligible?

Even if you didn’t previously qualify for an insurance subsidy under the Affordable Care Act, you could be eligible based on the ARPA’s expanded eligibility guidelines. The government says most people who purchase one of the plans available on the Federal Marketplace are eligible for the subsidy.

In addition, those who received unemployment benefits in 2021, are eligible for the subsidy regardless of income.

Are you currently receiving subsidies? 

If you’re currently receiving a health coverage subsidy through the Affordable Care Act, you may be eligible for more money. 

How do I apply for the subsidy?

A BCBSND representative can walk you through the process. Call 800-280-2583.