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What is special enrollment?

Federal law allows people to enroll in a new health plan only during an open enrollment period. Outside of that period, you can enroll only if you have a significant life change.

Qualifying life changes include a change in family or job status that would otherwise leave you without health insurance.

You can apply for health coverage right now even without a qualifying event.

Because it's a federal open enrollment period, November 1- January 15, 2023, anyone is eligible to enroll in a new health plan without a qualifying life event.

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2 Adults, 2 Dependents

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Nov 1, 2020

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We only offer coverage to residents of North Dakota. Call 800-280-2583 if you feel you qualify.

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    Your application will not be completed until we receive your documentation. If you do not have it at this time, you may mail it to our Fargo Headquarters.

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    Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
    Attn: Consumer Sales
    4510 13th Ave. S.
    Fargo, ND 58121

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    2 Adults, 2 Dependents

    Monthly Premium

    Nov 1, 2020

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    I understand that any company(s) with which I am applying for coverage reserves the right to accept or decline this application in whole or in part. I further understand that no contractual right is created by this application or advance premium payment and the same shall not be considered accepted unless or until the Benefit Plan is issued to me.

    I have read this application in its entirety and understand and acknowledge that the accuracy and sufficiency of the information I provide (or fail to provide) in each and every section of this application serves as the basis in determining my eligibility (and the eligibility of my dependents) for coverage and receiving a Benefit Plan(s), and by signing this application I certify the information is accurate and complete. I understand and agree that inaccurate, incomplete, or omitted information represented in this application may constitute a fraudulent act or intentional misrepresentation of material facts voiding or retroactively cancelling any Benefit Plan(s) issued, as well as any claims for medical benefits and services paid, based on the information I submit through this application.

    I further understand a person who submits an application or files a claim with intend to defraud or helps commit a fraud against an insurer is guilty of a crime.

    By checking this box, I understand I am creating an electronic signature that carries the same legal obligations as a written signature and am agreeing to all of the terms and conditions set forth within this application, including the Notification and Authorization.