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COVID-19 At-Home Testing

You are allowed up to 8 FDA-approved at-home COVID-19 tests per individual every 30 days. The tests cannot be used for required employment testing or for resale purposes.

Check your ID card for an RxBIN number

My card has an RxBIN number

Two ways to purchase at-home test kits:

1. At in-network pharmacies (no cost): Visit the pharmacy counter and ask the pharmacist to process through your insurance. Your pharmacy may apply supply limits.

  • Find an in-network pharmacy at myprime.com/pharmacies.
  • At the pharmacy, show your Member ID card at the pharmacy counter to obtain your test(s). To receive a test free of charge, you must obtain the test at the pharmacy counter, not at a check-out lane.

2. Other retail outlets (reimbursement up to $12 per test): Pay out-of-pocket, save your receipt and request reimbursement.

  • If you do not obtain a test from an in-network pharmacy, you can obtain tests from other retailers, however you may be subject to charges. We will reimburse you for up to $12 per individual test (or $24 for a pack of 2 tests) if you purchase a test kit outside of a preferred pharmacy. Be sure to save your receipt. You will also need to reference the UPC code on the box to complete the form.
  • Submit a claim for reimbursement.


Note: Due to current test availability in our network, reimbursement may be limited to the following tests:

My card does not have an RxBIN number

Purchase a test kit from a retailer, online or in-store and be sure to save your receipt.

Submit a claim for reimbursement.