Your health benefits go far beyond doctor visits

There's much more to your health insurance coverage than paying for provider visits—like helping your employees be the healthiest version of themselves every day. Here's a snapshot of what's included.

Education for employees

Informed employees are equipped to make smarter health choices. We provide easy-to-consume health and well-being information through live interactive seminars and monthly materials on popular topics.

Employee Wellness Presentations

Even though they tackle some of the most disruptive and expensive health concerns, these mini seminars are fun, engaging ways to get employees involved in their own well-being.

Monthly materials for employee well-being

Each month we put together a package of timely information for you to share with employees. Topics include things like building emotional resilience and hypertension tips—and everything in between.

Worksite Wellness program and events 

You want healthy employees. We provide the resources to help you achieve that goal.

Why worksite wellness?

Healthy employees are good for business. And since they spend a good deal of time at work, it's the perfect place to make a difference.

Worksite wellness training and events

Events to help start or improve a workplace wellness movement, improve workplace morale and boost productivity.

HealthyBlue—an engaging online wellness center

The HealthyBlue online wellness center, powered by WebMD, gives employees a one-stop shop with all the tools they need to: 

Know Their Numbers

Health Assessment
Personal Health Record
Device and App Connection Center

Stay Motivated and Engaged

Mobile App
Wellness Challenges
WebMD Content
Health Club Credit and Other Rewards

Find Coaching and Advice

Daily Habits
Pregnancy Assistant
Health and Wellness Coaching

Online therapy for depression, anxiety and substance abuse

Emotional health challenges take their toll on your employees—and your business. This self-paced online therapy program gives employees discreet tools to take charge of their emotional health. 

Enrich—an interactive platform to help achieve financial wellness

Financial issues are a massive source of stress for US adults. The Enrich platform offers education, resources and interactive tools to work toward a brighter financial future.

The philosophy behind our well-being offerings

Well-being is not just a reflection of your latest lab results or the number you see on the scale. It’s more than that. Total health is a way of life. It’s about being the best version of you—at every age.