COVID vaccines prove effective

Medical Nurse in Safety Gloves and Protective Mask is Making a Vaccine Injection to a Female Patient in a Health Clinic. Doctor Uses Hypodermic Needle and a Syringe to Put a Shot of Drug as Treatment.

Clinical trials first showed efficacy rates of 95% for both Pfizer and Moderna and 66% for Johnson & Johnson. But are we seeing the same results in the real world? In short, yes.

According to the CDC, all three vaccines are proving just as effective as their trials suggested. What’s more, data shows all three should work against newly emerging variants of the virus.  

At BCBSND, we recommend getting vaccinated as soon as you are able. We are eliminating member cost sharing and deductibles for the COVID-19 vaccine for members who get vaccinated, reaching out to high-risk members directly, and working with the North Dakota Department of Health to encourage all residents to get vaccinated. Find local vaccination locations at