A new, low-cost plan option for NE North Dakota employers

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A new health plan is available during the 2023 open enrollment period. DakotaBlue | Altru is exclusive in 11 counties in the northeastern part of the state. The first of its kind for us, this tiered-network plan helps members save costs by seeing providers in the Altru Health System. 

Who is eligible for DakotaBlue | Altru? Businesses in the following counties: Grand Forks, Ramsey, Walsh, Pembina, Benson, Nelson, Cavalier, Towner, Eddy, Griggs and Steele

What’s a tiered-network plan?
Tiered networks are designed to help employees make smarter choices, including how much they spend on insurance based on their choices. Within the plan, employees can choose care in four networks. Out-of-pocket expenses are lowest in the Altru system and increase as members select providers in other provider networks.

What are the benefits?

  • Quality care: Staying within Altru helps doctors share information and easily collaborate on care protocols.
  • Lower costs: On average, premiums are 15% lower than comparable plans with traditional network structures. Members can also save on out-of-pocket expenses by using the Altru System. 
  • Same perks: Get innovative wellness resources, preventive care and free telehealth from Altru providers.

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